Porterville area residents are invited to submit hand drawn posters with this theme in mind – Step Up: Community on a Mission.

The purpose of the contest is to promote Step Up, which seeks to decrease gang activity and support positive options for youths and their families.

The winning poster design will be featured on a City of Porterville transit bus and the artist will receive a $250 gift card. There will also be prizes provided for the following age divisions: kindergarten-3rd grades; 4th through 6th grade; 7th through 8th grade; and high school.

Participants are encouraged to submit their poster on a 8 ½ by 11-inch sheet of white paper in landscape format. The contest will take place October 1-31. All winners will be featured in the Porterville Recorder in November.

Entries can be submitted to the Porterville Recorder, Porterville Chamber of Commerce, or the Porterville Parks & Leisure Department. Each submission provided to the Porterville Chamber of Commerce will receive a Step Up bracelet.

Porterville Poster Contest registration form.