Tulare County elected leaders and County law enforcement officials from our sheriff, district attorney and probation departments have always placed a high emphasis on gang suppression, prevention, and intervention efforts, but came to realize more must be done to control gang activity in our County.

The County wanted to unify all aspects of our communities - the business sector, schools, residents, community organizations and faith-based groups – and forge a coalition approach to combat gangs and take back our neighborhoods.

This led to the formation of the Tulare County Gang Prevention Task Force in Spring 2007 - a countywide coalition comprised of the public, media, local businesses, school districts, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, local government and law enforcement agencies.

The goal was to create and implement plans to combat gang activity. Two tactics emerged: The need for an aggressive gang awareness campaign and more opportunities for at-risk youth to make positive contributions to their communities.

The Step Up logo and the “Be Part of the Solution” slogan were developed to unify the organizations and entities that participate in the Task Force and to “brand” events, activities and programs. Schools and cities within Tulare County also use this brand.