Rise Above Project (RAP)

The Tulare Co. Prevention Coalition/North Co. Collaborative bring to Tulare County- The Rise Above Project also known as R.A.P.   R.A.P. is a community based prevention program that involves Tulare Co. personnel from various agencies such as: local Tulare Co. school districts, law enforcement, fire, health departments, counseling agencies, parents and their children. Also participating in the program are  Tulare county judges, public defenders, district attorney’s, counselors, medical staff, non-profit and service organizations.  This effort was initiated out of concern for youth and their families within Tulare County.
This project provides students with a realistic demonstration of what can happen to one who chooses substance use/abuse. The program is conducted through a series of dramatic  vignettes. RAP places an emphasis on the legal, health,  social aspects and familial consequences.  As an added service, The Rise Above Project will provide support services to students in the event that intervention services are needed.  We believe The Rise Above Project provides youth an alternative and creative way to reject the use of alcohol and other drugs.
Research has found youth at a 6th grade level are often placed in a position of having to make choices on the use of alcohol, and other drugs. Encouraging our youth alone, to “Just Say No” has since been proven ineffective. If interested in having this event conducted within your community or would like to be placed on the VIP walk through for an upcoming event please contact the TCPC/NCC Leadership Coordinators:
Mari Vitela-Cortez (559) 636-4035  mvitela@tularehhsa.org. 
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