Loop Bus Application

 Please keep in mind that due to current guidelines and regulations the Loop Bus capacity will be 25 passengers per bus.  We also ask that passengers on the bus wear a mask the entire time they are on the bus.  

If you do not receive a response regarding your application within a week of submittal, please contact.

Jacob Jimenez, Step Up Coordinator at (559) 624-8074 or Michelle Villarreal, Administrative Specialist at 559-624-8078.

      Before submitting an application to reserve a Loop Bus, please, read the Loop Bus Policy.



Round Trip: This type of trip has one pick up location with a corresponding drop off location. Later that same day the riders will need to be picked up at the original drop off location and dropped off at the starting pick up location.

Round Trip Example: Ivanhoe afterschool program wants to visit Woodlake Botanical Gardens. Coordinator arranges to have LOOP pick up students at school at 3 PM and drive them to the Gardens. After the tour, LOOP bus picks up students at 5 PM and takes them back to their school.

Field Trip: This type of trip allows you to have a multiple leg trip. Going from point A to Point B, Point B to Point C, Point C to Point D, and so on. The service is open ended, not requiring you to go back to Point A.

Field Trip Example: Woodville summer youth program wants to spend the day in Exeter seeing the sights. The LOOP bus picks up students at 10 and takes them to Bank of America to get a tour. Students then walk to see the murals and end up at the Frosty King for a cool treat. LOOP bus picks up students at the Frosty King and takes students back to their school.

Multiple: This type of trip allows the pick up from one or more locations to drop off at one or more locations, to then later be picked up from multiple locations and dropped off at multiple locations.

Multiple Example: Visalia Unified is planning a Saturday service day at the Kaweah Oaks Preserve for all high schools. Coordinator arranges to have LOOP pick up 10 students at 10 AM at Redwood, pick up 10 students at 10:15 AM at Mt. Whitney and 10 students at 10:30 AM at Golden West. After all pick-ups, LOOP takes students to the Preserve. Once work is completed, LOOP picks up all students at 2 PM and drops them off at their respective schools.

Shuttle: This type of trip has a set start and stop time for the service with two or more stops. The bus continues to go from stop to stop during the set start and stop times.

Shuttle: The Boy Scouts wants to have a Saturday Science day and have arranged to have session at both Mooney Grove and the Pena Planetarium. Coordinator wants the LOOP to pick up scouts starting at 9 AM at Mooney Grove and transport them to the Planetarium every half hour until Noon.