Summer Night Lights (SNL)

Summer Night Lights

Summer Night Lights provides positive programming and a safe environment for youth of all ages. Community partners include the Tulare County Board of Supervisors, Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency, Boys and Girls Clubs, Tulare County Workforce Investment Department, Family Healthcare Network, CSET, Tulare County Office of Education/SEE, United Way, Tulare County Probation, Sheriff’s Department, cities, local law enforcement, school districts, local churches, and more. 

Vision of the Summer Night Lights program:
•    Keep a youth/family centered venue open at least one night in host communities.
•    Provides positive programming for youth and families countywide.
•    Allows for positive interaction between youth and local law enforcement.
•    Gives youth and families a fun and safe environment.
•    Serves free food to all that attended.
•    Provides community organizations, including churches, a forum to introduce their services to the community.
•    Serves more than 27,000 youth and adults (Summer 2015).

•    Provide safe recreational opportunities for youth of all ages.
•    Reduce crimes committed by and against youth during the summer months.
•    Improve the local economy through jobs, training, and purchasing food and other supplies.

How to Participate: 

Step Up will provide $1,000 per each even (maximum of 4). Funding is to be used to cover the material cost of programming. This must include food and activities at each event. Funding may not be used to fund salaries of staff to administrate, coordinate, or supervisor programming. 

As a reminder, the requirements for these events include:
-Events must take place before August 15, 2024
-Events must be free to attend
-There must be both food and a planned activity provided at the event


The deadline to submit the invoice, planning guide, and flier document Friday, April 05, 2024. This deadline is to ensure that your funding and fliers will be ready in time for your events. We will need the following:

1. Invoice: We cannot process the payment of funds for your events unless we have the invoice. The invoice should document the number of events and the cost of each night ($1000.00). An example invoice template is located in Document.

2. Community Planning Document: Please provide details of the events you will be hosting. For each event, please provide a contact person for that site. 

3. Flyer: Please include StepUp logo, details of your event, time, date. Must state the word FREE.


What to do after your events are done?

1. Please provide copies of your receipts for your events

2. Any photos taken to share on our HHSA social media.



Please email all documents to