Urban art to be on display at County facilities

Four pieces of urban art will be on display in two Tulare County buildings through February 10.

Tulare County Supervisor Phil Cox will unveil the urban art at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday at Tulare County’s Visalia Branch Library. The art will remain on display at the library through January 27 then be moved to Tulare County Government Plaza in Visalia from January 30 to February 10.

"Tulare County is pleased to showcase this art to the public," Supervisor Cox said. "We hope people take the time to take a look and admire the masterful work."

Tulare County acquired the urban art through the October 2011 Taste the Arts event held by the Visalia Arts Consortium and sponsored by the Step Up Gang Task Force. Four artists – representing Fresno, Reedley, Los Angeles, and San Jose - were invited to create the paintings inspired by the mission of the Visalia Emergency Aid Council, which provides emergency food, clothing, shelter and other services to families with children in need. Each artist created their own painting using spray paint.

At the conclusion of the display, the artwork will be sold, with proceeds going to the Emergency Aid Council.

January 17, 2012